Sunday, January 24, 2010

unbridled list.

The last couple days I've been keeping track of mini-thoughts and mini-goals that pop into my otherwise empty head. I'm making a list of things I can do to make myself "the best me I can be," (which I think is a recent quote from Heidi Montag, ohmygodshootme-whatatrannymess).

I guess you can say this blog is slowly taking shape as a self-improvement type thing. Instead of awkwardly standing in the Self-Help section of Borders, I'm doing it trial-and-error style. Maybe by publishing my goals in a public arena, I can be held accountable for the times I choose to isolate myself instead of push into the world. For the times I choose crappy Hersheys chocolate over a home-baked treat.
Marjan's "The Best Heidi I Can Be" List

  • Take more pictures. They do not need to be beautiful, they just need to document life.
  • Fix my nails more often. Severely chipped polish does not make me feel put-together, nor "with-it."
  • Walk or run a new route/scene, at least once a week.
  • Drink more tea and water.
  • Wear more chapstick so I don't bite my lips all the time.
  • Read more books. See it as an opportunity to be at peace, quiet, and calm.
  • Stretch.
  • Cook one new recipe a week.
  • Every day, give at least one genuine compliment to someone I'm not particularly close to.
These things are all within reach, therefore hopefully more likely to be achieved. I already got started on a few of the "Best Me Goals" today: Fix my nails (no polish/all natural! gasp!), walk a new route (with Roxy!), cook a new recipe (these!), read a book (this!).

For anyone that visits my blog: What is one small goal you can set for yourself to be the best Heidi Montag you can be?

New blog header, by the way. Let me know what you think. I'm weirdly drawn to old anatomy sketches and skeletons. No hatin'.

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